Clarksville Cats Across the River

Stray and feral cats should not have to die at animal control. Humans abandon cats. They don’t volunteer to be homeless.

IMPORTANT: We are a volunteer family organization and since we do NOT have a shelter, we cannot actually come and pick up animals.

Our Mission:

Clarksville Cats Across the River has a primary goal of humanely addressing the stray and feral cat overpopulation and helping to end the suffering of cats that are abandoned and homeless in our communities. Through sterilization of stray and feral cats and by educating caretakers of cats to do the responsible thing by spaying or neutering domesticated cats we can make our neighborhoods better.

We feel that each one of us in every neighborhood and community should share the responsibility for rescuing stray and feral cats that have been forced, through human abandonment or failure to spay and neuter, to live outdoors.

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“The more we understand outdoor cats and the complicated issues related to them, the more effectively we can help them, reduce cat overpopulation and protect wildlife.” — The Humane Society of the United States

Make your donation to help reduce community cat overpopulation in Clarksville TN.

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Neither feral cats nor domestic cats should be declawed.